The Solicitors' Online Success Story

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Founded by Paul Hajek and Ed Rivis, Solicitors Marketing Success (SMS) is the only website in the UK run by a practising solicitor and a long established and reknowned Internet Marketing guru.

SMS is an online learning resource for sole practitioners and small law firms that will teach solicitors how to successfully market their practices with internet marketing including website design, blogging, email marketing, Google Places and Adwords, fresh advertising campaigns which have not been used by solicitors before, video and especially social media.

SMS will provide bite sized easily digested training in 7 day chunks as well as providing “off the shelf” solutions to solicitors marketing needs and more in depth and intensive courses when a level of expertise and confidence is achieved.

We can provide the expertise through our own extensive knowledge or with other recognised experts in their field.

Paul and Ed met online when Paul was looking to boost his presence through the internet and internet marketing.

Paul and Ed quickly realised that there was a significant gap in the market for law firms who had no place to go to get specific internet marketing advice and help. What we can provide is tremendous resourses to help law firms compete.

There were companies who could provide a website, but what Paul Hajek knew was that by just having your own website was not enough: You had only reached ground zero in terms of effective internet marketing

The advent of Alternative Business Structures  (ABS) has long been on the horizon since the early days of the Clementi Report and then the passing of the Legal Services Act 2007.

Time is running out for law firms to structure their firms marketing around tried and tested internet marketing techniques.

The need to fight on a level playing field with all the potential new entrants in the legal market in the next few years is provide by the internet.

The internet does not discriminate between big law firm and small law firm.

Smaller law firms can fight their corner and fight above their weight- with the right help provided

Paul Hajek:

  • Paul Hajek has been a Solicitor for 28 years.
  • He has been Principal of Clutton Cox Solicitors ( for the last 26 years.
  • Paul is in the vanguard of Internet Marketing for Solicitors.
  • He is a prolific blogger with over 250 posts to his name, and knows how blogging can bring new clients to a law firm.
  • He is the resident expert Conveyancing Blogger for
  • Paul was the winner of the “Most Effective Social Networker” at the 360 Legal Group Awards 2010.
  • You can also follow Paul  on Twitter

Ed Rivis:

  • Built his first website in 1996.
  • Is an Amazon 5-star rated author of three books, two of which are in print (the third is being turned into a Second Edition at the time of writing.)
  • Since 2008 Ed has spoken live ‘on stage’ to more than 3,300 small business owners at various seminars and workshops.
  • Has been running a professional blog since 2007, and is an expert at showing small business owners how to get traffic (visitors) to their website, turn visitors into active sales leads and use automated technology to convert them into clients.
  • You can follow Ed on Twitter at