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Posted by Paul Hajek on Tue, Apr 16, 2013 @ 09:22 AM
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When I qualified as a Solicitor, in 1983, I didn’t have the first idea what role marketing played in winning clients.

Marketing for solicitors, or so it seemed to me, was an invention waiting to happen.

If I were to characterise Law Firm Marketing back then it was thus: Open Solicitor’s Office; Buy Yellow Pages Advert; Answer Phone; ergo, Client Deluge.

Law Firm Marketing Has Changed: Outbound versus Inbound Marketing

My first ever experience of solicitor marketing came from a conference by practicing solicitors John Loosemore and Robert Parsons tantalisingly entitled “What They Didn’t Teach You in Law School”

Thank you John and Robert as I have never looked back since.

Many law firms still believe in the traditional marketing routes of advertising.

I dare say some law firms still rely on Yellow Pages almost exclusively as their advertising and (by extension) their marketing of choice.

Those outmoded forms of what may be termed old –fashioned or outbound marketing are being replaced by inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing for Law Firm: Get the Love

Your law firm may not have heard of the term “inbound marketing”.

Inbound marketing does not involve an exclusive law firm upgrade of Photoshop designed to vanish blemishes and air brush your lawyers’ profile shots.

Inbound marketing is the way to get your law firm loved by your existing clients and potential clients alike, to ensure continuing instructions.


What Law Firms Should Know About Inbound Marketing

Let’s start with a definition of Inbound Marketing from the creators of the term Hubspot.

“Inbound Marketing is marketing that’s useful. It means acquiring customers by attracting and nurturing prospects with exceptional content, data and customer service”

Your law firm may even be in the vanguard of inbound marketing without actually knowing it: powerful website providing useful information and opportunities with your targeted clients in mind

But, although a simple enough concept, in my opinion, too few law firms have grasped the power of inbound marketing.

How Law Firms Should Adopt Inbound Marketing

Avid dear reader you will be well accustomed to inbound marketing as a strategy for law firms as we have been promoting inbound marketing as a strategy for solicitors and law firms since we began blogging on Solicitors Marketing Success at the beginning of 2011.

Inbound Marketing, in the sale of legal services involves using great online content as the core component.

The 3 Basic Tenets of Inbound Marketing for Law Firms

There are three basic tenets of inbound marketing for law firms


  • Get Found – Tactics like, search engine optimisation, promotion through social media, blog and content marketing, that aim to attract potential clients to your law firm
  • Convert  – The use of calls to action, landing pages, email marketing and marketing automation that are intended to convert your law firm website visitors in to paying customers and clients
  • Analyse – Using the right software tools to improve your law firm’s efficiency of the entire process.

The Difference between Old or Outbound Marketing and New Or Inbound Marketing for Law Firms

Yellow Pages Directories are now a sliver of their former weight and size.
Adverts are expensive and a very blunt tool best kept to the major brands and their product awareness campaigns. Sky Plus and TiVo based products allow us to block out adverts (yes, even adverts from Quality Solicitors)

Law Firm clients and potential clients all have the same thing in common: they are more in control, more independent than ever before -  and they decide when they want to hear or read from your law firm.

Pre Selection of Law Firms by Client Research

For most law firms this is the invisible elephant in the room.

Many solicitors and law firms have simply no idea that they are being selected by the content (or rather lack of it), and look and feel of their website.

I experience this weekly on my Clutton Cox website where we receive online instructions and we have had no contact with that client other than from interaction within our law firm website.

Solicitors Marketing Success, Hubspot and Your Law Firm

Time is the enemy for most solicitors who do not have the resource of a bespoke marketing department.

Law Firms of all sizes large and small need to think smarter about their marketing and inbound marketing in particular. And above all law firms need the tools to make their marketing experience as painless and as efficient as possible.

Hubspot provides all the tools a law firm would need to turn their website into a legal powerhouse and fight on a level playing field with much bigger law firms and new entrants in to the legal services market.

I have been using Hubspot software for my law firm Clutton Cox for over 4 years.

As Solicitors Marketing Success is now an affiliate of Hubspot, I want to teach you to use what I consider to be the best, most comprehensive software available for law firm’s and their inbound marketing strategy.

Talk To Me

Give me 15 minutes of your time to begin to explain how Hubspot can work for your law firm and set you up with a free 30 day trial.

And see how you and your law firm can be loved all over again.

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Paul Hajek is a Solicitor with over 30 years experience in private practice. He is one of the most prolific law and marketing bloggers in the UK.

Paul Hajek would love to coach, mentor (and cajole if needs be) inspire and teach you all he knows about blogging and blog marketing for your business.

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