Law Firm Marketing: Are You Investing In Chinese Fishing Nets?

Posted by Paul Hajek on Fri, Aug 16, 2013 @ 04:10 PM

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I took this photgraph of Chinese fishing nets earlier this year.

I was on a visit to Kerala in Southern India,  a huge port and coastal area dotted with inland waterways.The Chinese fishing nets are a feature of the shores around Keralan waterways.

Minimal effort is required: the Keralan fishermen lower, their ancient “Chinese” fishing nets into the shallow waterswhere the nets are left for many hours often over night.

When the fishermen raise the nets their catch of is reveled: prawns and other small crustaceans who have stumbled across the net and walked right in.

Inbound Marketing for Law Firms and Chinese Fishing Nets

Now, you know, I love a good metaphor,  and you are (and apologies) probably way ahead of me already.

How about a way of consistently growing your law firm by putting in mechanisms and systems that can help keep existing clients and help attract potential clients to your law firm? Mechanisms and systems which require a bit of work but once in situ can always be attracting clients and potential clients.

The reveal: your law firm website should be the pulley mechanism used to lower and haul your Chinese nets. The nets are the content provided on your law firm website as part of an overall strategy of inbound marketing for your law firm.

Content, Content, Content

Creating great content for your clients and potential clients alike should be part of every law firms’ online or inbound marketing strategy.

Content is your Chinese fishing net and the greater the content the corresponding increase in the diameter of your law firm website nets.

Yes, your law firm “rainmakers” can still go deep sea fishing or salmon fishing in Scotland for more excitement and greater client captures, but there is much to recommend simple mechanisms and systems for keeping existing clients and attracting new clients to your law firm website.

Your law firm website acts as a net for clients and potential clients 24 days a week 365 days a year throughout the day and night.

Without “content nets” potential clients are “quite literally” (as Alan Partridge might say) walking on by and into the nets of your law firm competitors.

Content or Blog Marketing and How The Internet Has Changed How Clients Buy Legal Services

The internet has changed and continues to change how clients decide to buy services and legal services.

Content and blog marketing in particular is a way of educating your existing and potential clients and influencers enough to do business with you.

Potential Clients are proactively gathering information, peer recommendations and forming and making decisions about you and your competitors: the power of pre-selection.

Content or rather great content will attract a following or audience to your website.

Blogging and Content Objectives for Law Firms

Good content via your blogs or articles should fulfil 4 essential components:

  1. Be useful i.e. solves problems or gives useful advice
  2. Be compelling and hold interest  ( my mantra avoid the turgid, bombastic and orotund)
  3. Have catchy headlines ( time is precious and great content will be foregone for want of a title which grabs interest)
  4. Be “Sticky” - great content will engender an urge to find out more and stay glued to your website.

The Chinese Net Challenge for Law Firms

The internet is a sea which can provide a rich diet of potential clients and also satisfy existing clients of your law firm.

Creating  a successful inbound marketing strategy for your law firm which can act as a net for potential client capture won’t happen overnight as in the case of the Chinese nets.

An inbound marketing strategy for law firms takes time and has worked wonderfully well for my law firm Clutton Cox.

But, just cobbling together batches of articles or blogs and hoping for the best would be like creating a Chinese fishing net with too many big holes.Yet, the worst you could do as a law firm would be to create no content at all. As then you’ll never know how many potential clients could have walked into your nets – will you?

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