Erratum: Replace Blogging With Content Marketing for Law Firms. Throughout

Posted by Paul Hajek on Tue, Nov 12, 2013 @ 08:00 AM

An erratum published in a magazine many years ago continues to amuse me. It read:

“In my previous article on the Milk Marketing Board, please replace the word “horse” with “cow” throughout”Cow erratum 1

Mind boggling aside, I feel a bit like that now.

Coaxing, cajoling and nagging law firms to raise their profile through blogging was my mission.

But I see now that all my previous articles on blogging for law firms should have been more expansive.

Replace law firm blogging with content marketing for law firms. Throughout. 

Law Firm Blogging: Dirty Words

Blogging in law firms has never really gained the traction in England and Wales it should have done. Many solicitors have mentioned to me that they simply don’t like the word blogging.

Many feel that the word blogging is a stripped down version of what defines them as lawyers, namely, writing and advising clients about the law. It’s demeaning to many solicitors.

I’ve never been one to stand on such ceremony. Call it what you will, I say.

Write articles or publish information, answer questions or give help with common legal problems.  Just so long as you do it.

Content Marketing for Law Firms

You should consider turning your law firm and in particular your law firm website in to a valuable source of content. Think and act like a publisher.

And as you publish valuable content you can unshackle yourself from the weight of blogging by focusing on content in general.

You can use valuable content to “pull” clients and potential clients to your website.

Although the concept is not new and has been around in different incarnations, you’ll be hearing a lot about content marketing for law firms as I see it as one of the new buzzwords for 2014 and beyond.

What Does Content Marketing for Law Firms Involve?

Joe Pullizi in his new book Epic Content Marketing defines content marketing as:

“The marketing and business process for creating and distributing valuable and compelling content to attract acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience –with the objective of driving profitable customer action”

The last sentence is most important and sets content marketing from just content.

In, a law firm context, content marketing must embrace a firm- wide process of developing and sharing valuable and engaging content, with the goal of, not only, acquiring new clients, but also, retaining existing clients and increasing business from your existing clients.

Emphasis must be on targeting. You must have a good idea at whom your valuable content is targeted.

Not so much a problem for smaller firms more challenging for bigger law firms.

Liberate Yourself from the Tyranny of Law Firm Blogging

Don’t be put off or feel constrained by the tyranny of just blogging as the only way to retain and attract clients in your inbound marketing strategy.

If you think like a publisher of valuable legal content you can soar higher.

In content marketing, your website enables you to create many different types of valuable content.

As a law firm you can publish on your website

And once you have created your valuable content you can then PROMOTE it through social media, e-mail marketing and other channels both online and offline.

And of course, if your content is considered valuable, it will be shared by existing clients and potential clients alike.

Social Media First, Content Marketing Second, Right?

There are so many more law firms now engaged in social media than a couple of years ago.

Yet, I see so many law firms getting it so badly wrong. Bulls in social media china shops.

Why should I ring you for a quote on Conveyancing when you have no original or compelling content on your law firm website to convince me you are the firm I should instruct.

Get your content strategy in place before muscling in on Twitter et al.

Content Marketing Strategy first – social media strategy second.

What Are You Waiting For?

So there you are, dear reader, I have hopefully freed you from worrying about just one medium. You can now get everyone in the firm enthused by all the media.

Set your law firm up to be renowned for great and remarkable legal content.

Get the attention of your clients and targeted potential clients and stop them in their tracks.

Make clients and targeted potential clients think about you in a new and different way.

I’m watching.

I'd Like to Chew the Legal Cud with You, Paul

Paul Hajek

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