How to Banish the Boring and Turgid From Your Law Firm Content

Posted by Paul Hajek on Thu, Apr 03, 2014 @ 11:58 AM

Banish the Boring and TurgidContent has evolved and doesn’t just involve blogging anymore.

Now, as lawyers, we are only truly harnessed by our own imagination or rather lack of it.

Great legal content is breaking past new frontiers with slideshare, infographics, video and hubs.

Slideshare for Law Firms

What about a visual, easy to understand presentation using plain English with everything you need to know.

I think Slideshare offers great opportunities for law firms.

Slideshare allows for those boring shackles to be released (from the vertiginous mounds of paper with which we are duty bound to suffocate our clients) in favour of something much more engaging.

We’ve done it recently to liberate our compulsory complaints documentation.


There is, of course, a serious message here but the essence is working together with common goals with the minimum of fuss and greater peace of mind to give a greater opportunity for an enhanced client experience.

Win Win.

Infographics for Law Firms

BBC online asked me a couple of weeks ago to come up with an Infographic to explain the still confused state of Chancel Repair Liability.

I enjoyed the challenge: the result a Snakes and Ladders board game.

Chancel Repair Liability FlowChart  and Words

If you would like to download the full PDF version you can here.

And the benefit?: my second best recorded day for visitors to the Clutton Cox website.

By the way, my best day was on the evening the One Show did a piece on Chancel Repair Liability.

Law Firm Video

Video has been around for a while and quite a few law firms have had a go on YouTube.

We have our own YouTube channel on which we have been repurposing our existing content. Mainly, by reading chapters from my book on Conveyancing.


The tangential nature of internet browsing means that you legal content can show up by many diverse means. The more varied your legal content the more chance it will be found and in turn shared with others.

Law Firm Content Hubs

If you’ve got it –flaunt it!: great legal content that is.

Limitations of home pages on law firm websites often mean only a glimpse of your great legal content is available to view instantly.

There are software packages which make your legal content much more engaging and keep existing and potential clients interested for longer.

On our Clutton Cox Hub once you open the page you can keep scrolling down and all our wonderful content just keeps on rolling – interspersed with the obligatory calls to action of course.

You can even use the software to create flipbooks of ebooks as below

And One More Important Thing

The beauty of all of the above is that if your law firm content is worthy enough it becomes sharable and your law firm becomes less in thrall to that precocious 6 year old known as Google.

Sharing is the future.

Paul Hajek

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