Advanced Blogging School (ABS) for Lawyers

Advanced Blogging School

Preaching to the Blogging Agnostics

I’ve done my bit to elevate and extol the virtues of blogging for law firms in particular.

Take a little trawl through our Solicitors Marketing Success archive to see the blogging horn being resolutely sounded.

But, enough is enough.

I’m resigning: horses to water; kicking and screaming and all that malarkey.

But, here’s the thing: now is the best time to grow your Law Firm Blog and I’m here to help you achieve your goals!

No Stragglers – a word of warning!

I am not interested in the “I’ll start my blog next week” brigade.

I’m only interested in those bloggers and law firms who want to grow and scale their blogs to make a greater impact with their blogs; to get to the next level; climb higher and higher up the blogging mountain.

Look around you.

Blogging is moving moved on and is now in a class of its own.

Blogging Evangelists

My mission is to teach advanced business blogging tactics, blog marketing, if you will, to generate greater results in terms of traffic turning visitors into customers and customers into clients.

I want to work with other solicitors and professionals who want to get to the next level.

I want to work with lawyers who want to learn from my years of pioneering blogging in the legal world.

Do You Qualify?

Those solicitors and law firms who blog successfully know it is hard work, but those law firms also know blogging works.

If you would like the opportunity of working together with me to achieve your blogging goals sign up below.

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