Paul can help you implement a highly effective Internet Marketing strategy for your law firm, including specific focus on areas including…

  1. He can show you how to automate, outsource and systematize your online marketing so it’s done quickly and effectively every week. (Which is necessary if you ever want to get traction with it.)
  2. He can define your law firm’s ‘content marketing strategy‘ – because knowing in advance ‘who, what and how’ is one of the most critical and yet frequently overlooked parts of the Internet marketing process.
  3. He can critique your website and identify areas that need tweaking in order to generate the optimum number of enquiries from potential clients.
  4. He can provide ongoing technical advice on how to set-up, configure and implement.
  5. Get the benefit of Paul’s experience as he took his law firm Clutton Cox website from zero to the top 7% of websites and resulted in him winning the ‘Most Effective Social Networker of the Year 2010′.
  6. As a consultancy Paul can take you behind-the-scenes and show you exactly how and why he now gets more than 40% of all enquiries through his website. (He can give you the exact recipe, so you can do the same with your website.)

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