Fixed Fees and Clarity in Tomorrow’s Legal Services:

Posted by Paul Hajek on Mon, Oct 07, 2013 @ 02:00 PM

the law wizard tom hiskeyFixed fees and clarity in tomorrow’s legal services is a guest post by Tom Hiskey, former probate solicitor and co founder of fast-growing legal technology company The Law Wizard. The Law Wizard supplies the clever technology behind Clutton Cox's fixed price probate service.

I often run guest posts over on my Clutton Cox website ( extraordinarily it would appear whenever I am on holiday) and I am grateful to Tom for contributing this post.

Tom has a couple of predictions about the future of legal services –over to you Tom.

Prediction 1: in the next few years, all but the most complex non-contentious matters will be charged by fixed fee

No solicitor costs files by weight any more (or do they?). The way in which matters are charged is changing fast. In probate the move towards fixed fees is inexorable. It must be this way, if for no other reason that consumers prefer fixed fees above all other charging methods by some distance.

According to one recent survey, fixed fee is now the most common charging method for probate.

It should come as no surprise then that the vast majority of law firms we have spoken to already offer one fixed fee probate package, and sometimes more than one. Typically, this is a fixed fee grant extraction service, usually around £350 – £700 + VAT, with £500 + VAT perhaps most common.

At least one firm we know of is already moving towards offering all non-contentious probate work on a fixed fee.

These law firms tell us that the demand for fixed fees started around 10 years ago and, today, requests for fixed fees are commonplace. This is reflected in client satisfaction rates, with 87% of consumers satisfied with fixed fee services, compared to 73% for services charged by hourly rate (down from 79% in 2012).

This 10-year shift mirrors the rise in internet users. 6 years ago (let alone 10), there were just half the internet users in the UK there are today. In 2013, 33 million of us use the internet daily. The Web has empowered consumers, who are now, as a whole, informed, educated and expect more for less.

There are growing pains. With the above fixed fee grant extraction services, the law firm typically hands some form of questionnaire to the client, or the client simply hands a completed spreadsheet or IHT205 to the solicitor. It can be a clunky, inefficient process.

The challenge of attaching fixed fees to estate administration (as opposed to grant extraction) should not be underestimated, and the same goes for many other areas of law. It requires experience, technology, processes and analysis of metrics – things that are not yet in place for the vast majority of law firms.

Progress is also hindered by misunderstandings about fixed fees: one firm we spoke to considered a fixed percentage rate to be a fixed fee.

Prediction 2: prices and service levels will be clear, transparent and capable of comparison

Law firms may be some years away from a fixed fee panacea, but try telling that to probate providers such as Co-op Legal Services, Kings Court Trust, ITC and others. They are pushing hard towards fixed fees. These specialist probate providers also tend the lead the way (some more successfully than others) on the other side of the fixed fee coin: pricing, service levels and branding which are clear, transparent and capable of comparison.

For law firms, as with these volume providers, it is a bumpy road. One firm left me scratching my head recently when they declined to tell me what they charge for their fixed fee grant extraction service, explaining that they do not tell clients their fixed fee prices over the telephone or online. These are only revealed once a client has made an appointment and is at the office. Even Co-op is notoriously coy about its fixed fee pricing structure, with no hint of costs on its website.

This may or may not be adequate for the time being, but the market is changing. Co-op intercept clients at the funeral stage, referring probate work to their legal services team. Volume provider Kings Court Trust recently received £4m VC investment. They are not alone in targeting a greater share of the probate market.

The rise of volume providers is of greater concern for law firms than mere fixed fees, and that is true not only for probate. Nevertheless, the reality is that if law firms wish to compete, they will have to do more.

Quality Solicitors hope to do just that. Though unable at present to guarantee fixed fees, their promises, including no hidden costs and Saturday openings, point towards transparent service levels. With increasingly clear and consistent messaging and branding, plus TV ads, they recognise that consumers are increasingly shopping around (even if they still do so for legal services somewhat less than they would for other services).

This trend will continue, supported by the fact that 18-34 year-olds are now more likely to find their legal service provider online than by any other means. In terms of probate, this may not be the demographic of the typical client, but it is indicative of a permanent shift. Tomorrow’s consumers of probate services will increasingly find their providers online, comparing costs and service levels as they would for car insurance and credit cards.

Unclear pricing is at odds with this future. It is even at odds with the present. All our clients publish their fixed fee probate prices on their websites. Many other law firms publish one or more fixed fee prices.

The research, stats and results all point to one thing – consumers increasingly demand clear, fixed, up-front pricing, along with consistent, clear branding and service levels. However fantastic your law firm’s service and expertise, this will be of little comfort when the internet generation skips over your website in favour of something clearer, more transparent and more appealing.

For details of how The Law Wizard helps law firms to capture more of the DIY probate market, please visit our website,

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Law Firms: Have You Looked in Your Shop Window Lately?

Posted by Paul Hajek on Fri, Mar 01, 2013 @ 12:48 AM

Law Firm Shop WindowNo, not that shop window. Silly!

A report today from PwC and the Local Data Company shows that retail chains have drastically reduced shops over the last 12 months.

The reason:  the rise of online shopping means the retail chains do not need as many outlets and they now regards their websites as their new and most effective “shop window”.

Law Firms Are Not Immune

Consumers are increasingly using their computers and mobile devices to access the internet to research and shop.

It would be naïve to think law firms will be immune from such consumer trends.

The physical shop window of a law firm and the law firm virtual shop window are but examples of multi channel access to legal services. Retail chains are now multi channel operations.

Shabby Law Firm Websites

There are still too many law firms who either not invested in their websites and some law firms who have still to commission website for their law firm.

Leaving a website with outdated content is akin to a shabby display in the shop window.

Think about it: who would want to do business with such a law firm?

What are the Must-Haves for a Law Firm Website?

    • Design: It is easy to get too carried away with over-designing a website. Obviously, you need to create a good first impression, introduce a consistent style and avoid complicated graphics which impede speed of loading.

    • Content: Content is so important to attract potential clients to your website using good SEO practices. Ed and I despair at the lack of quality content on many law firm websites we have seen.

    • Conversion Tools Once a potential client has alighted on to a page of your law firm website you need the know-how to keep them interested and to try and start a conversation and relationship with your law firm. Can you look at your law firm website and see a sufficient call to action on every page? I doubt it

    • Testimonials  It’s so important for potential clients to see what great experiences other clients have had with your law firm. Again, the more social proof the better and testimonials are a great way to achieve that goal

Act Now

Don’t allow your law firm to be just a building with a shop window.

You need to spring clean your law firm website now.

You just don’t know who will be window shopping.

Just say it’s a potential client and they're itching to instruct you?

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Shock Survey Reveals Big Law Firm Websites Not Immune

Posted by Paul Hajek on Wed, Jan 16, 2013 @ 02:50 AM

law firm websitesLaw firms have much to learn from other sectors in website design and navigation. So maintained the results of a survey of legal websites reported in the Law Society Gazette just before Christmas.


The report complied by Last Exit a digital strategy agency complained that “ visitors ..are often faced with too much information that is poorly presented... and it’s a confusing experience trying to navigate masses of information that is not clearly sign posted.”

Big Law Not Immune

The interesting point is that it is not small law firms who are the brunt of the criticism (for there are many very small law firm websites in my opinion) but the big boys – magic circle included!

Of 30 law firm websites surveyed 18 sites were ranked as mediocre, and only 12 as good. No law firm was rated excellent for their website.

Out of Touch

The survey concluded that the legal sector is in danger of appearing out of touch and overly introspective, if its web presences do not move with the times”

The DNA of a Great Law Firm Website Design

One of my suggested New Year’s Resolutions was to investigate a new website or at the very least a redesign of your law firm’s homepage.

The essence of great law firm website design is universal. Your law firm website is after all your very own digital shop front.

You need to entice visitors onto your website, educate them and turn them into paying clients over time if not immediately.

Your law firm website:

    • must be optimised for search engines (SEO)

    • must have proper title and meta tags

    • must have a proper XML sitemap and navigation

    • must create a great first impression

    • must have a simple and easy to follow structure

    • must have consistently great content production

    • must contain great content which is easily shared

    • must display great testimonials

    • must make it easy to stay in touch or contact easily

    • must include significant calls to action

    • must have a liberal sprinkling of focused landing pages

    • must be imbued with social media cross-fertilisation

If you combine those elements, you will create a great law firm website... which will generate potential new clients and keep existing clients happy.

Solicitors Website Design and Ultimate “Done for You” Solution

Ed and I are building our “ultimate design, build and implement package for law firms”

Whether you are a sole practitioner, a small medium or large law firm we will provide you with everything you need to catapult your law firm web site in to the premier league...

    • Professional law firm web design (or re-design)

    • E-mail marketing strategy for client attraction and retention

    • Internet marketing strategy for solicitors including best-practice traffic tactics

    • One to one coaching and mentoring with award winning social media expert and practising solicitor and an Amazon 5-star rated author and web design expert.

    • Content marketing including Blogging and social media management (so you will know exactly what to do and when to do it!)

    • And a lot more...

And it will all be backed with a cast-iron guarantee that it will generate significantly more enquiries for your law firm than what you currently getting from your website (if any!)

If you are interested in finally using the web to attract more visitors to your website and generate more enquiries from potential clients use the form below to sign up for free announcements about the ultimate package.

That will tell us you are interested to know more and is of course without obligation.

Do it now...

Fill out the form now, and we look forward to sending you more information about this exciting new development shortly.


Paul & Ed.

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Law Firms: Be Bloody, Bold and Resolute in 2013

Posted by Paul Hajek on Wed, Jan 09, 2013 @ 07:44 AM
MacbethI love lists, me.

No doubt, Dear Reader, you will have made good resolutions for you and your law firms this year.

You may “quite literally” be brimming with enthusiasm to get started.

New Year’s List

So, with the freedom of no longer paining over split infinitives, may we be the first to boldly go on a trek through the internet marketing for law firms' universe, and give you our list of self proclaimed aphorisms and things to do for 2013.

    • Continuously improve: Improve everything within your Law Firm by 1%: it worked for Sir Dave Brailsford and the GB Cycling Team

    • Connect with 5 other professionals on LinkedIn each week because you never know what business opportunities will arise

    • Join a new group on LinkedIn

    • Exit a group on LinkedIn which no longer inspires you

    • No one really cares about your law firm website – get over it

    • Improve your LinkedIn profile- it only takes a few minutes

    • Keep calm and carry on blogging. Make it easier for potential clients to discover you and what you are about

    • Write 2 blogs a week for your website –that will increase your law firm's website size by 100 pages over a year. Powerful.

    • Be consistent, write at least one blog per week and stick to the task.

    • Avoid the bombastic, turgid and orotund

    • Exercise 2-3 times a week; a fit mind in a fit body..and that includes working on your law firm website

    • Exceed expectation

    • Don’t try and do every “social media” stick to what you think will work best

    • Shun negative people

    • Write an eBook (Tip: If you have a 100 new blogs next year, that should more than cover it!)

    • Know your limitations and get help form experts

    • Look to build a blog not launch one

    • Write a “Thank You “ note each week to a client or contact who won’t be expecting it

    • Offer to write a Guest Blog article for a non competing law firm ( At Clutton Cox, I’d love to publish something of yours)

    • Promise yourself you will work more “on” your business and not just in “it”

    • Eschew the phrase “I am too busy” from your lexicon of excuses: work smarter or put your fees up.

    • Repeat the mantra “My law firm will get found online and we will convert leads into clients”

    • Sign up to the Solicitors Online Success blog and never miss an article again.

    • Don’t concentrate too much SEO, but do concentrate on creating great content. You’re writing for humans not robots!

    • Get off the golf course and get on social media.

    • Start an E-Newsletter or improve on an existing newsletter.

    • Evaluate your own law firm website with fresh eyes: overhaul the home page at the very least if it doesn’t cut the mustard.

    • Make your content shareable and sociable, allow people to easily follow you and share your content.

    • Get proof of how good you are – get testimonials from satisfied clients.

    • Work as though you don’t need the money

    • Dance as if no one is watching

    • Love as if you’ve never been hurt.

    • If you haven’t a Call to Action on every page of your website, start putting them on your website.

    • Remember client retention is much cheaper than client acquisition.

The Scottish Play:

The internet is changing the way legal services are researched and bought.

“Be bloody bold and resolute; laugh to scorn the power of man, for none of woman born shall harm Macbeth”

Above all, avoid complacency it's what did for Macbeth in the end.

And finally..

Ed and I are here ready to catapult your internet marketing into orbit.

Let us know where we can help you.

A Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all.

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Law Firms: Know Your Client Before You Start Blogging

Posted by Paul Hajek on Thu, Aug 23, 2012 @ 03:08 AM
I had an interesting conversation with a solicitor this week about the style and tone of law firm blogs.

The solicitor was concerned that if she followed the  Clutton Cox style of blogs  she may come over as too relaxed and shallow for her mainly commercial clients.

That lead me on to the number one rule of blogging -Know your client

Know Your Client

There is no point using blogging as a law firm strategy to attract potential clients without knowing what market you are trying to reach.

At Clutton Cox we concentrate on Conveyancing Wills and Probate, so the tone and style is less stuffy with an emphasis on trying to make everything easier to understand and digest. indeed, one of our most popular series of posts was entitled "Everything You Need To Know About Buying and Selling Your House - in 31 Daily Bite-Sized Chunks"

The "Go To" Solicitor

Although an inelegant phrase, what solicitors should be striving for within their specialities is to become one of the "go to" sources of legal expertise.

Commercial Law Blogs

Where you are hoping to attract owners of businesses to your law firm, you will need to course a more in depth and more technical approach to law firm blogging.

The concept remains the same, however, with great content provided regularly on your law firm website.

Why Stop at One Blog?

When I first started blogging, I wrote about everything that I found interesting in Conveyancing (remarkably not an oxymoron) Wills and Probate.

After several months I realised that I could sub-divide my blogs into smaller categories so ended up with 9 different blogs although really with only one original source -tributaries, if you will, which included Estate Agency, Mortgages and the Housing Market in general.

Law Firm Websites with an Easy To Use Content Management System

The beauty and power of modern law firm website design is that you as the Solicitor have at your fingertips the ability to compose and post blogs with in built search engine optimisation or as is also referred to as "fully optimised" pages.

We're building websites at the moment for law firms which are not only beautiful but powerful and liberating.

And in case you are curious this blog post took 30 minutes to compose and upload into our content management system and then publish.

As some solicitors (mea culpa) are prone still to say -quod erat demonstratum

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Law Firms: How Much of Your Internet Marketing is on Auto-Pilot?

Posted by Paul Hajek on Wed, May 30, 2012 @ 08:30 AM
[caption id="attachment_1128" align="alignright" width="288" caption="Pre-scheduling blog posts allows you to put your law firm marketing on auto-pilot"]Pre-schedule blog posts[/caption]

I'm on holiday abroad with my wife and children next week, but while I'm away I've been able to schedule a number of new articles (posts) to automatically appear on various blogs I'm involved in.

Being able to pre-write and schedule blog posts to automatically appear on a set date and time is one of the lesser known and more powerful features of most blog softwares, like the one we use here (Wordpress.)

I even used the scheduling facility to automatically announce a brand new product while I was on a train to London once - which trying to attempt over the unreliable train Wi-Fi would have been irksome to say the least!

Being able to plan and execute your Internet Marketing in advance is important.

I know from experience that trying to do online marketing 'on-the-fly' usually results in inconsistencies that make Google respect your website less than your competitors. (Because Google tends to favour and more highly rank websites that update frequently.)

For this and many other reasons, being able to write and schedule blogging activity weeks or even months in advance -- so you know your Internet marketing will happen reliably and consistently --  is a great move for web savvy law firms.

Unfortunately my experience of legal marketing, especially since I partnered with Paul Hajek, is that most small law firms don't have a blog.

Do you fall in that category?

If so, we can help.

Solicitors Marketing Success are now offering a CMS website development service, where we can build a 'dynamic' (editable) web site for your law firm, which includes a blog with post scheduling built-in as standard.

If you would like to discuss a new website for your law firm then get in touch - we'll be happy to discuss the options.

Secondly, we also recently launched a new product called our 'Blog-in-a-Box: Conveyancing Content Pack', which contains 10 pre-written blog posts you can simply copy and paste into your blog, and schedule to automatically for ten straight weeks.

Paul recently revealed that his law firm Clutton Cox gets 42% of their Conveyancing leads directly through their website.

As Paul has been explaining through his various blog posts on this site over the last year or more, Internet Marketing can generate more enquiries from potential clients and insulate you against the ABS', when it's done effectively.

Being able to pre-write and schedule your blogging is a great help in that process.

It also makes Internet Marketing more fun... when you know it's all happening automatically while you're busy doing other things!

Do get in touch if you need help setting any of this up.

Warm regards,

Ed Rivis.

P.S. Paul will be back blogging next week while I'm (hopefully!) enjoying the sunshine abroad!

P.P.S. I wrote this blog post in advance, and scheduled it to automatically appear at 3.30pm on 30th May 2012. Can you do this with your law firm website?

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The New Dawn: Succeeding as an Independent Law Firm

Posted by Paul Hajek on Tue, Apr 17, 2012 @ 05:36 AM
new dawn succeeding as an independent law firmThe New Dawn: Succeeding as an Independent Law Firm is the title of a conference for law firms on May 3rd at the Madejski Stadium in Reading.

That, Reading FC, a premier league club in all but name, should be the venue for the conference is wholly appropriate with an enthralling forward line of speakers lined up.

I am delighted to be speaking at the conference on social media.

The idea for the conference was Joe Reevy's of Words4Business, supplier of legal content to many law firm websites, including my own at Clutton Cox.

Joe has freed himself from the rigours of supporting Exeter City, by fielding a star studded dream team.

How the team lines up

Jo's modus operandi for the conference has an important feature not normally associated with day long law firm conferences.

Speakers will speak on their particular specialities throughout the day, but the speakers will also be available for one to one sessions with delegates.

There will be 7, 20 minute sessions available with the speakers during the day on a first come first served basis.

Team News

Viv Williams, CEO of 360 Legal Group has helped with the organisation of the Conference and kicks off the day with "Planning the Strategy for a Successful Independent Law Firm"

Anthony Allen an accountant with South West Chartered Accountants, Francis Clark plays a holding role just behind Viv Williams with "Structuring for Profit"

Marauding down the wings we have two more speakers from 360 Legal Group, Sally Claverley with "Knowing your clients and meeting their needs" and Stuart Thomas on "Maximising Staff Performance"

And then that psychologically important time just before half time will be Richard Bretherton of Ochresoft and "Using Process and Technology to Compete in the Current Market"

The Second Half

No better time to score a goal than just after half time to rub home an advantage so step up "On line services" by Richard Cohen of Epoq -which sounds strangely like a prefix for a Greek football team,

Boyd Butler of Great Legal Marketing will use his commanding knowledge of every blade of grass of the Madejski stadium (he was Reading FC's  Commercial Director: Sales Marketing, after all) with "Taking it all to Market"

Joe Reevy will the "stiffen up the sinews" for an aerial bombardment (I'm guessing) with "Build influence (and business) on the web"

Then, peppering your defences with a classy, nimble attack with clever interplay will be me and my strike partner Julian Summerhayes on "Using Social Media"

Finally, you may think it's all over, but it isn't - as Guy Barnett of Lawyers2You will be available for penalty kicks with his eponymous talk on "The New Dawn"

A hugely enjoyable day which I am very much looking forward to, tinged with a little regret that I may not get to hear the other great speakers during the day.

It would be great to meet up with some of you for a one to one, but remember it is on a first come first served basis.

Back of the net!

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Law Firm Web Content; An Evergreen El Dorado, a Coniferous Cornucopia?

Posted by Paul Hajek on Wed, Feb 22, 2012 @ 03:46 AM
Michael Palin, in his best Alan Whicker voice, uttered those words in one of my favourite Monty Python sketchs: a joyous assault on the world of alliteration.

How would you as a solicitor or lawyer love to ensure the content on your law firm website was "an evergreen El Dorado a coniferous cornucopia" and to finish off the line a "tree-lined treasure trove"

Webpage Analytics:

The starting point is a basic analytics package to monitor which pages on your website are visited and read the most.

Google Analytics does this process for you very well and it is free.

Blogging for Law Firms:

For Law Firms, unless a there is a change in the law or a new court ruling, the process of changing and updating general content may be unnecessary.

But, where blogs are concerned, law firms with tons of great content have a veritable feast of content to repurpose and reengage.

There are just so many ways to reuse blog content.

Here's one way I did it on my law firm website Clutton Cox which could be replicated by other law firms.

The Blog Series and the eBook:

In March 2011, I gave myself a challenge to write a blog everyday of the month under the wonderfully convoluted title "Everything You Need to Know About Buying and Selling a House - in 31 Daily Bite-sized chunks"

Now, I had already a number of my own blogs already published or "in the can" ready to be sifted, spruced up and repurposed where necessary.

Still, there were occasions despite my working title I wondered whether I had bitten off a little more than I could chew.

3 Blog Friday:

When the first Friday arrived, it dawned on me that, if I wanted a blog free weekend, then I had no choice but to create 3 blogs that day and schedule their publishing over the weekend.

A feat I managed to achieve for that first Friday.

The next Friday, I managed to create for Sunday's blog, a review of the previous 6 blogs: Ingenious.

The Law Firm eBook:

A little bit over 31 days later and a tad exhausted, I had the idea to turn my series of March blogs into a free downloadable eBook and make it available for clients and potential clients to download for free from my Clutton Cox website.

31 Daily Bite-sized chunks morphed into a more manageable 28 bite-sized chunks but now can be found as "Everything You Need To Know About Buying and Selling a House in 26 Bite -Sized Chunks"

Landing Page:

There are of course technical issues to throw in to the mix such as turning the series of blogs into a graphically designed PDF ( I didn't do this my self but outsourced) and creating the necessary Landing Page on my Law Firm website to capture the names and emails of downloaders.

Ed and I can help you.

If you are a solicitor or law firm who would like help to turn your blog content or other content into an eBook, including design and the creation of an appropriate Landing Page then email me at paul [at] and let Ed and me  help you achieve evergreen el Dorado status out of your law firm content.

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Part 2: Is Your Law Firm Website a Ship without a Sail, a Shirt without a Tail?

Posted by Paul Hajek on Fri, Feb 17, 2012 @ 02:17 AM
law firm website with a sailIf you had a chance to read the first part of our post this week you will know that we promised that help was at hand for those Sole Practitioners or small law firms who has yet to start their very own law firm website.

We also mentioned that help is at hand for those law firms who have a website already but that is lacking a dynamic edge to attract more potential clients to their law firm.

As we mentioned in my post earlier this week, small law firms cannot simply stand by and be subsumed by the inevitable tsunami of new entrants into the legal services world.

To survive and thrive in the new legal paradigm your Law Firm needs a dynamic website to keep these ABS vultures at bay.

I also mentioned earlier this week how we would have an exciting announcement...

Get a FREE web site designed for your law firm

Ed and I are about to relaunch our Solicitors Web Site Design service and in advance of that we are offering to create two FREE websites.

To qualify you must be a U.K. based sole practitioner or small law firm - and you will need to be one of the first few people to fill in the form below. Do it now if you want to take advantage of this special opportunity.

(Fill in the form and we will send you more information about this special opportunity - which almost definitely won't ever be repeated again)

(NB: If you're wondering why we are doing this - it's to get some decent case studies before we officially launch the new service. No hidden catches - this is a genuine offer to get a professional website designed completely free of charge!)

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Is Your Law Firm Website a Ship without a Sail, a Shirt without a Tail?

Posted by Paul Hajek on Tue, Feb 14, 2012 @ 04:39 AM
Is Your Law Firm Website like a Ship without a Sail?
I remember coming back on the coach from rugby matches with Bath and a certain Gareth Chilcott in full cry singing about "a man without a woman is like a ship without a sail ...."

But, on Valentine's Day let's not dwell on the sentiment on that one too much.

Different story if you are a law firm without a fully functioning and dynamic website.

No Law Firm Website:

There are still plenty of small law firms without a website.

And before some of you are enmeshed in a warm comforting bubble of "that's not my law firm" there are thousands of law firm websites that remain static, stale and outdated.

Online is the New High Street:

The battle lines for marketing legal services on line are already being drawn up.

Cordery on Solicitors is republished now as Cordery on Legal Services; legal news websites such as The Gazette and Legal Futures have almost daily pronouncements of new entities into the legal services market.

Small law firms cannot simply stand by and be subsumed by the inevitable tsunami of new entrants into the legal services world.

To survive and thrive in the new legal paradigm your Law Firm needs a dynamic website to keep these ABS vultures at bay.

Help is at Hand

We'll show you you how we can help you with creating your law firm website or improving your existing law firm website tomorrow.

But for now enjoy Valentine's Day: now where's my copy of Casablanca

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