But apart from that, what has blogging ever done for us?

Posted by Paul Hajek on Tue, Sep 06, 2011 @ 09:43 AM

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Well, clearly not road construction, nor has it restored public order to follow my Monty Python, Life of Brian theme.

But like the Romans blogging can do an awful lot of good for a modern law practice.

Blogging is simply one facet of an overall marketing strategy revolving around your website.

For my law firm Clutton Cox it has been the most important strategy. And the main reason: the internet is increasingly the tool of choice for people preselecting solicitors and law firms.

And there is really one main reason why you or your law firm should blog; to get clients.

Competition is huge and set to increase post ABS early next year.

Clients and potential clients will be fought over assiduously by the new entrants in to the legal market

Your mission (and it is not impossible) should you choose to accept it is to:

• Tell potential clients you exist and are going strong

• Let your potential clients know (and indeed your existing clients who may not be aware), where you are; what you do and hey presto, they will get to understand that you are bloody good at what you do.

The more traffic that is generated the more chance your work will be found: the more relevant the content you provide, the more able the search engines will trust your work and release it as targeted content to potential clients: Blogging achieves this.

The internet has subtly changed the rules of marketing so that it is not now so much- who you know, but more, what people know about you.

Ed and I have blogged extensively and prodigiously over the last few years. Blogging has been of enormous benefit for our respective businesses.

Yet, it would also be true to say that Ed and I would have done it differently now with all the knowledge we have gained.

If you would like help to kick start your law firm blog, please email us.

Solicitors Marketing Success can provide you with practical help, sound advice, “How to” information, never ending ideas for blogs, and how to get your blog noticed.

To use another Python analogy, the holy grail of internet marketing is to get found.

And blogging is the quickest route to achieve that goal

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